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I love the holidays! Turning the calendar page over to November fills my heart with love, thankfulness and excitement for the season ahead.The holidays are traditionally a time to express gratitude to those we love as we gather over a Thanksgiving meal and make shopping lists of people we want to remember with a card or gift of appreciation.

This holiday spirit of thankfulness is the spirit I’ve tried to carry through my cancer journey every day of the year. When life is ugly, dark, painful and bleak, finding gratitude in the simplest things snaps me out of the dull drums replacing sadness with hope, positivity and healing.

During cancer, I spent many days sitting on my patio in the early morning hours, in my pj’s, when the world was still, meditating, watching the sunrise, listening to the song of birds, watching the clouds, listening to the wind, looking at the flowers in my garden and reciting self-created personal affirmations. Not only did I enjoy nature but felt gratitude for my eyes, ears and incredible body that was fighting so hard. I found myself looking up far more than feeling down. Looking for good around me helped me feel hopeful instead of discouraged and depressed. I must have looked up and said “thank you” to God a million times for the million little things that were helping me get through two Stage 4 Cancers.

I will admit I’ve never been able to truthfully say I’m thankful for cancer. It’s a horrific experience for the patient and everyone who loves them BUT the lessons I’ve learned through the journey have been immeasurable. I will never be the same person as I was pre-cancer. I am indebted to God, the love and compassion of my family and support of friends. I have much to be thankful for this holiday season and every day in the new year.

Rebecca Adams


About Rebecca 

Rebecca Adams brings her dynamic passion and diverse set of life and professional experiences to the table. She’s known for her organizational and time management skills. Balancing Motherhood with her talents as a Pianist and Award Winning Composer positioned her to educate thousands of students over a 40 year career as Piano Studio Owner and Teacher. Rebecca’s experience as a 6 year Cancer Survivor helped drive her entrepreneurial spirit to embrace new business opportunities in the world of Clean Beauty. Pandemic time gave Rebecca the opportunity to fulfill academic and exam requirements to become a Certified Essential Oils Coach. As a devoted member of her Church, she brings her leadership and talents to each opportunity, always on the lookout for ways to serve others. Mostly, she cherishes each new day, being surrounded by the people she loves, especially working with her daughter on their new start-up headband company, Knot +Crown.

Follow Rebecca and her amazing business here ⤵️



We are very grateful to Rebecca and her daughter Amanda for gifting our Pinkettes at our Check Your Canns event this past October. Here’s one of our friends and models Erika wearing their headband to treatment. 


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