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Top 8 Ways to Improve Your Immunity

Most of us know that good Nutrition is essential for supporting a strong immune system. Nutrition not only comes in what we put in our body, it is also connected to lifestyle and other factors: Here is just 8 things to keep in mind and to create in your everyday habits:

  1. Vitamin D - helps activate immune cells. We do need the sun to synthesis vitamin D. The sun converts cholesterol found under the skin to vitamin D. Vitamin D is known to fight many cancers. For cancers like melanoma, the sun is not always an enemy. Your weakened immune system is your enemy, and your lifestyle has probably triggered your health problems. Low vitamin D has been linked to a weakened immune system, multiple sclerosis, jaundice, cancer, PMS, arthritis, under active thyroid, acute depression, dermatitis, osteoporosis and many other diseases and conditions. If you are unable to get enough sun, please consider taking a vitamin D supplement. Good sources of vitamin D include fatty fish, eggs, and mushrooms. Vitamin D is a fat-soluble nutrient so if you are considering supplementation due to a deficiency, supplements are best absorbed with a meal that contains some fat.

  2. Eat more raw organic plant based foods, this means eating 80% raw and 20% cooked foods to stay alkaline. The more acid our body, the more susceptible we are to disease. When attending one of our 5 day retreats, we show you how to easily eat in balance using the 80/20% plant based ratio. You will be amazed at how easy this is and how delicious the meals and healthy deserts are. Maintaining a healthy diet is the key to a strong immune system.

  3. Exercise regularly: Our immune system benefits greatly from daily exercise. It improves circulation, and helps to carry nutrients to all our organs, and eliminates waste. Exercise also stimulates the production of human growth hormone (HGH), and helps to repair muscle tissue, bones, hair, and nails, and is good for the skin and is anti-aging. Exercise releases endorphins to the brain. These are the chemicals which make you feel good, and combat stress and anxiety. Exercise promotes a good night’s sleep and is especially recommended for those suffering from depression.

  4. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate.....Eighty per cent of the human body is water. Your body needs good, clean water to survive. Human beings can go without food for several days, but not water! The body needs fluid for hydration of glands and organs. Water cleanses the body, eliminating accumulated toxins. It is needed for digestive juices and the production of saliva. Most importantly, water is needed to transport waste from the digestive system. Water also carries nutrients to the cells and is needed to help create blood plasma. Water is essential for your health. Good clean water is essential for good health. We lose about two and a half liters of water a day just by breathing, perspiration and elimination. As we exhale, vapor is eliminated from the body, cleansing the bronchial system. When we perspire, fluid is also lost, and so too, of course, when eliminating waste, particularly urine, more fluid is lost from the body. Elimination of fluid is going on all the time at a considerable rate. The body cannot replace water without your help; you must give your body the water it needs. Physical problems caused by lack of water are many. Some of the most common ones are constipation, headaches, dizziness, fatigue, back problems, rheumatism, cellulite, brain damage, obesity, high and low blood pressure, pH imbalances, and general discomfort. People could eliminate many physical problems just by drinking more water. Keep in mind that insufficient water ages the body and increases the risk of disease. Caffeine, alcohol, and sugary foods cause dehydration and an acidic condition in our body. If your body is already struggling to survive disease, you are not helping it to recover if you are dehydrated. Drinking sufficient clean water, will set you on a new path to health and vitality.

  5. Get plenty of sleep...Our immune system can be under threat if we lack a good night's sleep. Studies have shown that people who do not get enough quality sleep are more prone to getting sick, so here a a few tips to help your get a good night sleep. Sleep with you curtains closed, sleep Naked - greater intimacy with your partner — leading to the release of oxytocin, also known as the cuddle hormone – that helps reduce blood pressure, and relieves stress…sleep better, remove all electrical devises such as electronic clocks, televisions, mobile devises, computers and ipads from the bedroom and shut off the WiFi in the house overnight It can help to keep you looking and feeling younger. Most importantly, whilst you sleep your body is healing and regenerating.

  6. Vitamin C - Supplements will boost your immunity. Vitamin C helps encourage the production of white blood cells known as lymphocytes and phagocytes, which help protect the body against infection. We use vitamin C everyday, especially in winter, where we increase the dosage. We only use practitioner brands when taking any supplement. We also consume foods that are packed with vitamin C. This comes back to also eating a diet high in raw plant based foods.

  7. Selenium - acts as a powerful antioxidant and boosts your immune system. Adults should not consume more than 400 micrograms of selenium per day.

  8. Remove all sugar and processed foods from your diet. I do not mean fruit here. Unless you have gut health where candida is present. My book From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets has a step by step guide for gut health. Everyone needs to apply this method to their health plan if self testing like I have on page 67 of the second edition.

Our immune system is strong enough to fight off most illnesses and infections if you look after it. I also make up an organic brew that I call Krissy's Brew for anyone that is interested in purchasing a 500ml bottle or 2. It is a combination of Ginger, Turmeric, Garlic, Lemon Juice and Apple Cider Vinegar. I brew it in a glass vat for 2-3 weeks, then bottle it. Give me a call if you would like me to post you a bottle. Very alkaline forming in the body and a wonderful immune boosting brew. My phone number for those who do not have it is 0406535075.

Kristine has always believed in the power of ‘food as medicine’ together with the use of herbs and supporting nutritional supplementation. Nourishing the body, mind and Soul together with letting go of fear is her mantra.

It took Kristine only five months to cure herself of cancer and due to her own success she went onto write the first edition of the best-selling book From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets (2009). A step-by-step handbook for beating cancer.She is also the author of ‘Holistic Wellness Recipe Book’ and co-author of Olivia Newton-John’s Livwise Cookbook.

Over the years, Kristine has enthusiastically a in supporting many discouraged cancer sufferers worldwide take control of their own health, and triumph without the use of drugs or radiation. Her passion is to share her strategies to liberate 1 million people of cancer globally by the year 2020.

Kristine is the recipient of the ‘International Women’s Day Outstanding Role Model Award 2011’ and nominated for Who’s Who of Australian women, 2011–2013 and was selected as the Professional of the Year in her field for her continued dedication to her work with Worldwide Who’s Who International 2015–2016.

She has appeared on Channel Seven’s Today Tonight, Nine’s Today Extra program with Sonia Kruger, and several television news programs throughout Australia; as well as being a guest on many national, regional and international radio programs including 2GB’s Alan Jones, Brisbane’s 4BC with Jamie Dunn and Ian Calder, and has been featured in regional, national and international magazines, and newspapers.

Kristine believes in the near future, that global health care will be elevated to a higher platform and evolve from a focus on sickness towards holistic wellness and together with her husband Wayne Matheson BHSc Naturopathy (Student), Nutritionist, Meditation Mind Body Coach and Personal Trainer facilitates Seminars, Workshops and Wellness Retreats.

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This blog was originally posted on the CancerToWellness Blog on 7/08/20.


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