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Why the Hell has it Taken Me 50 Years to Relax? The Best Spa Day Ever!

My daughter has always said to me “ Mom, you just don't know how to really relax” all said while she’s in sweats, wrapped in a blanket like a burrito placed in the middle of her bed, surrounded by more blankest and pillows ever possibly needed with just her eyes and red curls sticking out. She knows how to relax. And, she was totally right about me. I never really knew how to get lost without thoughts and cares.  With a brain that is literally non-stop it’s always been hard for me. Being in design, retail and the service industry for 35 years I can’t help but make checklists I’m my head about ways that the environment I am in could be improved. But then, I was finally in a place that does what they do so well that the first barrier was broken. The Rock Spa at the Hard Rock AC do it right! Now the next barrier was me….what was holding me back? I had to get out of my own way and really be in the moment and let go and just relax. And really, who likes their children to be right? Am I