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Act your Age, Beautifully

Life is so surprising at times. Almost shocking. In this year of 54 I have learned so much. This has been the year of more spiritual growth and compassion than I ever thought possible. I love my birthday and I love my age. I never hesitate to tell someone how old I am. I cherish being 54. When I have had discussions with others about wanting to go back to a younger age, my answer is always NO! Not because I did not enjoy my life and my younger years, but because I have found how to love being right where I am. If there is any wisdom for me to impart in entering this year of 54, it is that the true gift comes in the art of being. Being in flow. Being in joy. Being in acceptance. Being in authenticity. Being in connection. Being in compassion Not being in perfection. Or goals. Or timelines. Or schedules. Being in life and whatever it brings that moment. This is an art form. It takes practice and awareness and commitment. Some of my days see expectations and frustration a

Love is not Enough.

  So I'm going to start this "uplifting" blog with a statement that might not appear "uplifting" at all.. and furthermore, an idea that might seem very unlikely to come from a love & relationship coach who is a self-proclaimed die-hard romantic.  Are you ready? Love is not enough.  Hang on a sec...let me say it a little louder for the folks in the back:  LOVE....IS.... NOT.... ENOUGH!!  At least not when it comes to developing a healthy, soul-nourishing, long-lasting relationship with another human being.  Since coming to this realization and having it truly sink in on a deep level, I often feel like I want to scream it from a mountaintop. Or yell it a little too enthusiastically while grabbing the shoulders of some of my loved ones and shaking them vigorously. But I don't have a mountaintop, and I don't want to be put away for assault, and so I will just put it out there for the world to see in this blog post instead. I think back to the first serio

Future Tripping/Expect Ups and Downs/ Question the 'back of your mind' voice

Future Tripping Can we talk about future tripping? You know that feeling when you’re watching your kids splashing in the pool on vacation and somewhere in the midst of enjoying their giggles you start to think about the all the ways your trip home could become a disaster, or you get that promotion at work and immediately begin to think about Bob from the office down the hall judging your leadership style, or you meet some hottie for a date and immediately begin wondering if they’ll cheat on you or you’ll disappoint them just by being you. I call this “future tripping”. It’s time spent fretting about future situations, over which we have no control, that take us out of the present. For many of us, we future trip constantly and it totally sucks the joy out of the present moment. The best and biggest ways I know to stop the habit of future tripping are: 1. Acknowledge that you're trippin'. Get into your logical brain and name it for what it is. “Oh, heeeeey, future tripper! Welcom