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10 Traits To Look For In A Man For Life

  So today I felt like switching up the kind of blog I would write. I decided I would torture my husband and write about him on this day in our history together. He may kill me for posting this but I wanted to praise him today. Its been a long year and he is my rock, hell my mountain. Well lets get back to what today is in Canny history.  See…today is the day I made Mike Canny officially start dating me…30 years ago tonight.  And yes,  I made him! It may have really happened on the 19th as it was  the latter point of our date but I claimed we were going with 8/18. I liked the date better. The things we think about when we are  20 and in love but I knew he would be mine forever so obviously the date was crucial…was it not?   We had big plans that we would finally go back to The Village Vanguard tonight and sit in the small theatre, listen to jazz, have a cocktail and celebrate us and all that we have accomplished and been through.  But things got in the way for tonight’s plans.  And tha


There is a growing number of loved ones in my life who have passed away and as time goes on, there’s been a beautiful shift in how I relate to their love.    The first big loss was my maternal grandmother.    She passed away on Valentine’s Day 13 years ago.    I was in London visiting my brother at the time and I believe it was her way of always reminding us how much she loved us. Each of my closest loved ones who have passed on have a way of connecting with me from the other side.  The number 919 shows up when my grandmother is reaching out to me.  Her birthday was 9/19.  With my paternal grandmother, blue jays show up on my fire escape or follow me around in the park.  She loved watching the birds hanging out at the feeder in her backyard.  These are reminders that I am still loved even if I can’t be with them here on the earth plane. When my stepmother, Linda, passed away last spring, she came to me in a dream and said, “Ladybugs will be our thing.  Anytime you see one, remember tha