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Uplifting Women Wanted!

Hey all! It’s Chrisie!  So this is what we are starting, doing.... We are creating content to support all of our amazing friends, entrepreneurs, authors, mompreneurs, causepreneurs, warriors and all of the amazing UPLIFTING WOMEN in our lives! You all have been so amazing coming on Vented Uplift and I wanted a source for our followers to hear more from you while supporting your products and brands.  We are looking for your knowledge! Be a guest blogger, share your journey and “lessons” and help someone who needs to hear from you.  We will add links to your site and social media so you can get interest directly to you. We will have our Vented Uplift Blog linked to our website What we are looking for: Stress Tips Breathing Tips Life Tips Mom Tips Cooking Tips Writing Tips Workout Tips Creativity Tips Aromatherapy Tips Yeah...we are looking for Tips! Interested? Hell yes! Reach out to us via DM or shoot us an email at And...side note..I want to give a huge shou