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You Cannot Heal By Positive Quotes and Mantras Alone…

  I LOVE quotes.  Funny quotes, poignant quotes, sarcastic quotes, and inspiring quotes.  I call upon them when a good laugh is required, or I’m having a conversation I believe a good quote would be the perfect punctuation mark on.     But, lately I find myself getting concerned by what I believe is becoming a trend.  I’m starting to believe that many people use positive quotes and mantras as remedies to healing.  What is more concerning?  If their mantras or the quotes they love “don’t work”, the whole idea of having a positive mindset becomes bunk to them.   “Yes, I Can!” “She Believed She Could, So She Did!” “Life Is As Easy or As Hard As You Think It Is!”   As a believer in “What you think about you bring about”, I suggest people “Live in the YES!”, “Hope ALWAYS Floats!”, and “I Am MAGIC!”.  But, do I say yes to everything?  No.  Are there things I hope for that do not come true?  Yes.  Can I pick the winning lotto numbers because I am magic?  Wishful thinking.  My mantras, and the

Glum To Glad-40 Days of Journaling

Day 1 Positive Memory Recall  Think back on a positive memory and write about the experiences that you had. Use your senses to fully experience the moment. For instance: I spent time with my family, and it was an amazingly beautiful day. The Sun felt warm across my skin and the fresh, ocean smell permeated the air. Limit yourself to one paragraph on that positive memory and no more than five sentences and here's why. Once you start doing more than five sentences, now you're starting to get into that gray area where you conjure up some of the negative parts of the experience. So, try to keep it to the most salient, most beautiful, aspects of that moment. The best time to do this is right before going to bed as it sets the tone for how you go into your rest and how you wake up in the morning. Think about it: if you go to bed on a positive note, chances are you have better dreams, you sleep better and you wake up the next morning feeling very refreshed. Best Time Right before goin

Through Eyes Of Grace

Originally posted by Cassie Davis on   Do you ever look at someone and wish that they could see themselves the way you see them? That they could see the potential that lies within them.  That they could see how much more they are capable of.  How much more they deserve. And that they could arise and begin walking in all of that freedom. That freedom that is right there within their grasp……if only they would just reach out and claim it. If only. Recently I was thinking about someone like that in my life.  Someone I have been praying these specific prayers over for many years now. And I began to feel frustration well up within me. How many more prayers will it take? How many more conversations had?  How many more words of encouragement will need to be given? How much more will it take for them to see, to see themselves for who they truly are? It’s not that I need a specific deadline or else I will choose to give up on them.  The frustration is